Shipping and Delivery
Please note that we are responsible for the transference of coins and do not claim to own coins. Your physical address is collected on our site simply for identification in comparison to that of your payment processing account. Only in the event of fraudulent activity do we view your physical address data on our site.

Returns and Refunds
Due to the nature of our service we have strict no refund policy. We may be able to offer a refund on your order if you inquire prior to your order being processed.

Privacy Policy
When you place an order on our site we collect your email for the purpose of our CoinTraders e-mail newsletter. No other records are utilized by us. Furthermore, all payment is handled offsite by the payment processor of your choosing (PayPal) and no financial information is shared with our site.

Terms of Service
By using our site (, you agree that you are an authorized user of the account used to make payment and any fraudulent attempts including chargeback or identity fraud are disallowed. All services are used at your own risk and CoinTraders is not liable for any actions taken upon your account for using our service. Note that breaking of any of these policies will result in the termination of you as a customer to CoinTraders and that in the event of fraud CoinTraders will take legal action if necessary.