Is your site legitimate?

Operating since May of 2014 with NHL 14 and the original brand “HUTCoinTraders”, we have amassed thousands of Twitter followers and hundreds of likes on Facebook. Operating on, since September 2015, we stand by our ever-growing reputation and aim to continue providing the fast and reliable service we always have.

How can I contact you?

The best way to contact us is by our email,
We also currently operate off of three Twitter handles for each respective game. HUT, @hutcointraders, MUT, @mutcointraderss, NBA2K, @nbacointraders, you may also contact us here.

How long does it take to deliver the coins?

The vast majority of orders are fulfilled within an hours time. We back all of our orders with a 24 hour delivery guarantee. If not delivered in 24 hours we will provide you 10% off or a full refund. That being said if an order does stretch more then 6 hours, we ask you to contact us, we are big players ourselves and we know when you’ve the pizza in the oven and your mates all ready to play that you don't want to be sitting around waiting 6 hours to get those coins.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept both PayPal and Bitcoin. Both are secured by 256 Bit SSL Encryption on our site, the highest level of security on a website and the same security your bank uses. If you’d like to suggest a payment method, feel free to drop us an email,

Do you cover in game taxes?

No we do not. All tax is covered by the buyer and our prices reflect this!

What are your terms of service?

Our terms of service can be found here

What are your hours?

We do not operate on set times, but we are more likely to fulfill orders on weekdays between 3PM EST and 1AM EST and on weekends we are available all day. If looking to contact us, you may do so anytime and we will respond as soon as possible!

Is your site safe?

Our site uses the highest level of encryption availiable on a e-commerce site. Look for the green lock in the top of your browser. It is the same security you will find on any banking website and ensures that only payment information is entrusted to PayPal and Coinbase our Bitcoin processor.

What is your refunds policy?

Due to the intangible nature of coins we are unable to refund you once and order has been delivered. If undelivered we will happily refund you! Please see our Terms and Conditions