Once you have the decision to buy from our service, please carefully read our instructions to insure your coins are delivered promptly. See below images showing how to do so


Step 1:

Decide how many coins you want and get a gold card to list on the auction house.

Step 2:

List your card. Please remember these details

  1. Player Name
  2. Bid price -> Please set the bid price to 5700
  3. Buy now price -> Please set the buy now equal to the amount of coins purchased. (If you buy 200,000, make the buy now 200,000)
  4. Auction Duration -> Please set the duration to 3 days (It will not take this long, just makes it easier)

Step 3:

Find your HUT Team Name (This is what you named your team)

The picture example is "CanadaFTW"

Step 4:

Enter your details on our site and submit your order!


Have questions? Send us an email

or message on Twitter @hutcointraders