Once you have the decision to buy from our service, please carefully read our instructions to insure your coins are delivered promptly. See below images showing how to do so


Step 1:

Decide how many coins you want and get a gold card to list on the auction house.




Step 2:

Find the player cards with the appropriate buy now price limits to fulfill the quantity of coins that you need.

If you are buying 100k of players, you need to list 100k in buy now.

For instance, if we are using Bill Ranford to buy 100k, he has the following details




Step 3:

Enter your player details in the cart.

You can add a maximum of 6 players to meet your buy-now needs, and can email if you need more.

Click Add player if you need more players, and remove player to delete a player slot




Step 4:

Once you have entered all of your details, check the checkbox confirming you have buy now equal to the amount purchased, and head to paypal for payment.




Have questions? Send us an email

or message on Twitter @hutcointraders